Mason at 12 Weeks!

Today Mason is 12 weeks old. His grandmother knitted¬†him a cowboy outfit and we decided to wake up early to […]

Mason at 8 weeks old

Today Mason is 8 weeks old, just one day before he turns two months! We are dressing him up with […]

Mason is born!

Early this morning after several days in the hospital, our son wasborn. At 3.57 am February 21, 2016, Mason H […]

Nipomo Flutes

Today I worked on a video for local artisan Jadon Smith. He specializes in Native American Style Flutes. It was […]

Avila Beach Cliff Area

I’m not sure exactly where this is but it was near Avila beach. Waves were crashing a bit so I […]

Our first time in Tahoe!

After Christmas, we decided to take a small road trip to Tahoe, Ca. It was a very beautiful winter wonderland. […]

Central Coast Woodturning Video

It has been about two weeks since we videotaped George Paes and his woodturning ¬†work shop. Here is the completed […]