Mason at 12 Weeks!

Today Mason is 12 weeks old. His grandmother knitted him a cowboy outfit and we decided to wake up early to […]

Beautiful Yosemite! In Infra-Red!

We took a trip up to Yosemite this Spring since hearing there was a good snow season. This was Mason’s, […]

Mason at 8 weeks old

Today Mason is 8 weeks old, just one day before he turns two months! We are dressing him up with […]

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Our Inspiration


Daisy and I have travelled the world but this left a great strain on our family life. As we settle down, we both know the importance of family and how it is paramount in our lives.


We value continuing education to continue our life passions. Whether it be formal or, we strive to not to become complacent.


We bring a balance of artistic minds and technical knowledge to boost our creations. Even though our daily careers most of the time do not nourish the side of our brains we always do little things that can feed this need.